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Saint Paul Alumni

We are the Knights!  We are strong with the Armour of God, proud of our roots, and a family at Saint Paul Catholic School.  As alumni, take a trip down memory lane and remember the love of God you felt when walking the halls - whether at the old St. Joseph’s, William Gaston High School, in the old Saint Paul, or on our current Saint Paul Campus.  Remember the relationships with teachers that inspired you to become who you are today.  And finally, remember the friendships forged in your youth. We encourage you to come and see how the school has changed and grown - just ask for a tour! 

We invite you to become involved again at Saint Paul Catholic School.  Become a mentor for a child who might need a strong role model or who would like to learn more about a profession that you have made your life.  Volunteer to help with tutoring, the Gala, or with other special events.  Find out about the School Advisory Board and perhaps apply for a term.  Learn more about initiatives and ways you can collaborate and support the growth and expansion of Saint Paul Catholic School.  Participate in the longevity of the school and reconnect with your Knight roots.

Saint Paul's Distinguished Alumni

Aggie Derda

Deacon Rick Fisher

Col. Joe Calisto

Margaret Lamb

Stephanie Fisher

Sr. Ann Michael Zaytoun, IHM

Tiffany Dove

Hannah B. French

Anthony G. (Tony) Salem

Acie L. Ward, Esq.

John Zaytoun

Geoff McLawhorn

Dr. Matthew Smith

Helen Romanus King

Sharon Hughes

Deborah Boggs Wilfong

Kristina Genovese

Andrew Ferree

Micheal Smith

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