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Getting Pictures Posted

Hello Teachers & Staff!
It was great to meet many of you on Monday  as I walked around taking photos. Thank you for welcoming me into your classrooms. The kids were all great and the pictures I got definitely say a lot about what a great job you are doing, creating an atmosphere of joy on campus! Attached you will find a guide about me, about what to expect when I come in the classroom, and about how you can help us tell the story of this amazing 2023-24 school year! 
Whenever you take pictures, please add them to this google drive link. Photos will be used for yearbook. I will also pull from your photos for social media posts from time to time, especially for important events! I have created some folders that I think will be relevant but please feel free to add additional folders for multi-grade events. I'd like to add as much organization as possible to make it easier to find pictures when we need them. Even within grade levels, feel free to add more folders.

When you create a new sub-folder in google drive, it would be really helpful if you share it with me and send me information about the activity you photographed. Feel free to brag and don't worry about making the words perfect! I won't post exactly what you say if I post these pictures but it will give me a good sense of why this activity is special, impactful, educational, etc.

Root Beliefs

God is love; He reveals Himself in all things
Every student CAN learn
We are disciples with hope to bring
We are made for each other
Excellence is not accidental
Every minute matters

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